Private clients
We welcome our costumers in our Budapest office H-1137 Budapest, Vígszínház utca 5. Please make an appointment via telephone.

Items for sale are inspected by one of our expert representatives, the exact pure gold volume and mass is noted (e.g.: 14K, 32,1 grams).

During the inspection the exact gold volume of the item for sale is determined, which in combination with our current 14K and 18K purchase prices and the mass of the item defines the final purchase price. See for details here.

Our company does not engage in appraisals or money lending in any form.

We purchase items based on their precious metal volume exclusively regardless of their shape, form or aesthetics.

For items (jewellery) with or without hallmarks, broken or damaged we pay the same price. If the jewellery has stones, pearls or porcelain we remove it before purchasing and give it back to the client.

Our prices are set only for the actual mass of the gold the jewellery or item contains.

If it is impossible to determine the exact gold volume of the item for sale by the client in hour office, the items maybe inspected in the laboratiories of the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office's Precious Metals Inspection and Certification Division (NEHITI). For the rates of NEHITI click here.

The purchase price of the items is paid in cash or by bank transfer upon request, which is in line with the regulations of the Hungarian Rules for Taxation. For the applying rules of 17§. Art. 9. click here.

Upon the purchase transaction we provide the clients with a proof of purchase for which we need one of the following identification documents: ID card, passport or driver's license (card format only).
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